Mali Thai opened its doors in 2002. For the past 20 years our goal has been to help share the cuisine of Thailand with our customers. Thai cuisine consists of four main elements – sweet, sour, spicy & salty. We try to give our customers all four of these components in each of our dishes. The vegetable and noodles we serve are prepared fresh daily, so you will always receive the best quality. Our flavors are bold and savory. Our main goal is to have each customer feeling full and completely satisfied when leaving Mali Thai.

We are a local, family-owned establishment. My wife and I moved to Washington from Laos, where I had previously taught school in a small village. My first career in the United States was at a sewing company where I worked my way up to a partnership. But cooking was a passion in our home and my wife had a natural talent for cooking. Everything she made always had people asking for seconds. After a few years, when our children were older, we knew it was time to pursue our dream to open a place with great food that everyone would love.

Mali Thai is named after our youngest child and one of my favorite things about Mali Thai is the family atmosphere here. We hope you always feel happy and welcomed when you dine with us.

– Joe Lee, Owner